SEAFOOD Department


We buy the bulk of our fresh seafood from Foley Fish,Their buyers work tirelessly to source the ultimate in fresh seafood. Foley buyers are known to have the highest standards in the industry, rejecting far more fish than they accept. Georges bank, 120 miles off shore from Boston, is the primary source for local fish. The unique Georges Bank ecosystem generates firmer scallops, sweeter Sole, and the large flake of Georges Bank Cod is second to none.


All Seafood sold in Pat’s must pass stringent requirements for freshness and quality as it is being processed by our suppliers in a controlled environment. All Seafood is inspected for quality and freshness as it arrives at our store. Our Meat/Seafood associates perform a quality check and temperature verification to insure our Seafood arrives at the optimum temperature. All Seafood is delivered to our store separated by specie in leak-proof packaging to prevent cross contamination and to maintain the integrity of the product. The final inspection is done at the store by our Meat/Seafood department Associates as they prepare the product for sale.
You can be assured that the Seafood that you purchase at Pat’s is equal to or better than the Seafood that you will purchase at any competitor, regardless of the presentation.


The packaged Fresh Seafood that you purchase in our store is the same quality and freshness that you find in a seafood department that displays their Fresh Seafood on Ice or behind a glass. Packaged Seafood is very convenient for shoppers that are pressed for time, simply make your selection and proceed on with the remainder of your shopping. The Country of Origin is clearly marked on each package of Fresh Seafood (does not apply to cooked, marinated or seasoned).
Packaged Seafood retains moisture which delivers a delicious eating experience and also enables you to determine the weight and the price that you will be paying based on your needs


All seafood sold in Pat’s is fresh, unless identified on the label as previously frozen. Previously frozen seafood is necessary because of seasonal availability of species and is equal to or better than fresh seafood because in many cases the fish are caught and processed immediately on the vessel rather than being iced down and traveling 2, 3 or 4 days back to port. The constant improvement in technologies of the freezing process provides a great benefit in product quality and enhances your eating experience.