Gift cards make the perfect gift.

Your sure to love the features of our gift cards, for instance did you know that you can purchase one in any Dollar amount that you want? Our cards are also re-loadable, so you can add more Dollars onto a card at any time, just stop in with the card and present it to the courtesy booth or have it reloaded right at the check out counter.

Need to know your balance? No problem just bring the gift card to the courtesy booth or to any available cashier and they can check your balance anytime.


Buying Cards On-Line

How would you like to purchase your gift cards on-line! Just click on the link below and pick the gift card value from the drop down menu and complete the secure on-line ordering process and the gift card will be on its way! It's that simple.

Your gift card will be in the mail within 24 hours from the time of purchase.

Gift Cards

terms and Conditions

Please be advised that all on-line sales are final.

Have a question? Check out our Faq's

Our terms and conditions page will explain how we process your online transactions.

Processing and mailing

How much does processing and mailing cost?

Processing and mailing is ($2.95) per order. All gift cards will be delivered by the U.S. postal system.

Can I ship cards to a location other then my billing address?

Yes. just fill in the special instruction box with the ship to Address.

When will I get my gift card?

Gift cards placed before 7 pm will ship within 2 business days, though most ship within 1 business day of confirmation.

Is my information secure on your site?

Yes. The information you submit during the checkout process goes through Paypals secure payment system.

Is Pat’s IGA tracking personal information or shopping habits?

No. Pat’s IGA does not collect any personal information at all when a gift card is purchased or used, just the information necessary to process your purchase, and this is done on a temporary basis. See our privacy policy. Online Ordering Questions

Is there activation or inactivity fees for gift cards bought online?

No. There are no activation, service or inactivity fees.

Do you charge a service fee? Does my card expire?

No, our cards never expire and we have never assessed a service fee to use our gift cards or for inactivity. Some of our older cards have some verbiage about a $2/fee, but this was never enacted, and will not be in the future.

Can gift cards be reloaded?

Yes! Gift cards can be reloaded with $5 to $500. However, the maximum value a gift card can hold at any time is $500. You can load anywhere from $20–$500 on a gift card, all reloads must be re-loaded in-store, and can be reloaded at the courtesy booth or any checker line.

Lost Gift Cards

What happens if my gift card has been lost in the mail?

Please be sure that you allow enough time for the card to be processed and shipped. After that time, please call the store at (203)879-4317, we will inquire of the U.S postal service, If proof of loss is in the mail system, And card remains active but unused, we will deactivate the unused card and reapply the purchase to a new card.


If a gift card is lost or stolen, can it be replaced?

A gift card cannot be replaced if lost or stolen. Gift cards should be treated like cash. Under certain circumstances and if the card has not been redeemed, we may be able to reissue a card if you have your gift card number and proof of purchase.

If the lost gift card is found, can it be reactivated?

Yes, a deactivated card can be reactivated. Please stop by our courtesy booth and a office associate will reactivate your card. If the card was previously reported and deactivated and the balance was transferred to another card then the old card will be discarded and not reactivated.

Terms and Conditions

can I redeem my gift card for cash?

The Pat’s IGA gift card is not redeemable for cash unless required by law.

Can I redeem my card online?

At this time gift cards cannot be used for online purchases.


Have other questions not answered here?

Please visit the store and speak with one of our office associates, or call (203)879-4317. You can ask us a question by emailing us through our contact form on this website. We're happy to help!