When it all Began

Pat's IGA was birthed in the spring of 1983 by the hard work and determination of long time residents Patsy and Rose DiSapio and their three boys Carmine, Robert and Michael.
In the summer of 1983 the owners of Pick Kwick stores decided to close their Wolcott location. It was this store that serviced the needs of our town since 1960 and also employed many of the towns residents. Carmine and Robert both held part-time jobs for Pick Kwick while attending high school. Robert Worked full time thru his college years while Carmine went on to become a manufacturing engineer.

It was Robert's last year of college, in the summer of 1983, when the owner of Pick Kwick stores informed the employees of the Wolcott store that he was closing the location. Several employees talked of buying the store and trying to make a go of it, but nothing became of it. The news of the stores closing and possible start ups traveled home to the DiSapio's where the family discussed the possibility of buying the location and starting a family buisness. The decision was made and the DiSapio family began negotiations for the store while looking for a wholesale food supplier. A deal was forged and made possible by long time cheshire ct. based Bozzutos wholesale foods.

Extensive renovations were planned and executed by the Disapio family, drawing on owner Pat Disapio's experience as a carpenter/contractor the building was completely guted in August OF 1983. Remodeled and outfitted with new refrigerated display cases, coolers, freezers, aisle shelving, new cash registers and freshly stocked for the open of buisness, Janurary 6th 1984, just 5 months later. The family took on several key positions in the start up years, with Robert as the store manager, owner Rose DiSapio and Denise DiSapio (Carmines wife) as administrative support and front end managers. Owner Pat DiSapio came on as our produce manager while Carmine offered some managerial insight and nightly coverage.

As the years moved on and we saw a need for more space, it was in the early 90's when Pat's closed in the side walk that extended across the entire front of the building. During this revavation the store was fitted with a newely remodeled bakery department run by owner Rose Disapio. Her love for bakeing paved the way to a great reputation, she introduced quality made pastries, hand made cakes, and store made bagels, muffins and a variety of breads and rolls. The 90's brought good growth to the buisness and as the family gained experience and aged in years, Michael Disapio moved into the meat department to learn the trade under the experienced instruction of Raymond Joniatis our meat manager at the time. Michael exceled in his craft and eventually expanded his efforts into catering and deli.

Over the years our family has strived to offer our customers a great shopping experience, consisting of top quality meats, premium deli coldcuts, store made deli salads, made from scratch prepared meals, only the freshest produce and scratch bakery quality products. With each passing year we continually refine our departments to bring you the best offerings available.